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Wholesale Almonds Price | Cheapest Wholesale Prices 2019

wholesale almonds at an appropriate price are available in Zarin Maghz Company. We are producer of Mamra almond and export large volume of Mamra almond to many countries around the globe.

Almond, the scientific name of Prunus Amygdalus, is one of the dark red rose plants belonging to two laps. Almonds are indigenous to Western Asia, the South Coast of the Mediterranean, and Morocco. This tree has moderate size, its leaves are jagged, with flowers in the early spring.

Geographical distribution : 

The plant belongs to the region of Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Africa. We have a variety of almonds all around the globe.
Wholesale almonds price: the Almonds’ price depends on its specification, for example, we have two kinds of almonds: bitter almonds and sweet almonds, each has its own price. The size of almonds, with or without skin, is also a matter of determining the price of that moment.

How to weigh almonds ?

wholesale almonds

Do you know how to weight wholesale almonds?

The basis for quality and size of almonds :
The first method :
The most common and common way to get the quality and size of almonds is as follows: Sampling.
Sampling is an important step in determining the quality of almonds that should be done best. Whatever the bean we want to sample, we pour it on the ground and mix it and we take from 250 grams to 1 kilogram of the sample. Then we sample the kernels, weigh and then count the kernels, and finally, almonds are divided by the number and size of almonds.
The second method :
Count 100 grams of almonds, If 100 g of almonds are 100 almonds, this almond sample is called 100, The lower the number, the better the quality of almonds is.

How much is a ton of almonds worth?

wholesale almonds

As stated above, the price of wholesale almonds depends on the presence of the skin or the size of its seeds, and other factors. So to know the price of almonds, you must first specify the type of product you are asking for and contact the suppliers of this product.
Almond types: There are different kinds of almonds growing in Iran. Some of the important kinds of almonds include Mamra almond, Rabi almond, Shahroodi almond, Moheb almond.

Mamra almond is a specific kind of almond with 100% percent sweet kernels.
Bitter almonds are relatively wider and shorter than sweet ones and contain about 50% of the sweet-soot oil. Sweet almonds practically lack starch, so they can be used to make cakes and biscuits for diabetics.

Looking for affordable Mamra almonds price?

wholesale almonds

If you are looking for an affordable almond price, You have to buy from wholesale almonds producers.

Zarin Maghz Company is producer and grower of Mamra almond. Many farming lands in Chaharmahal and bakhtiari province for Mamra almond cultivation belong to our collection.

We offer you affordable prices. We are a direct sale center of Mamra almond.

Raw almonds nutrition: Almond juice makes it easy to cough and softens the chest and larynx and is useful for shortness of breath and chest tightness and It prevents pulmonary hemorrhage.
Almond is beneficial for intestinal and bladder ulcers and diarrhea and abdominal swelling due to its glaucoma. Jam of almonds in the fattening of lean people has a miraculous effect.
The aged and corrupt kernel of almonds increases sadness and grief and prevents appetite, and it will produce fainting.

Buy Mamra almonds cheap in bulk

wholesale almonds

Buy Mamra almond cheap in bulk from our collection. Many Mamra almond buyers around the world buy wholesale almonds directly from us.

Zarin Maghz Company is an exporter of Mamra almond kernels to most Asian and European countries.

Raw almonds have more therapeutic benefits than roasted almonds, although roasted almonds are much more delicious.
The energy of roasted almonds in 100 grams, is 597 kilo calories, fat is about 53 grams, and fiber is 12 grams. You need to walk 119 minutes to burn this amount of energy! This definition in traditional medicine is far from the fact that almonds are a perfect food than a nut.
Almonds contain sugars, minerals, proteins, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and vitamin A. Of course bitter almonds, in addition to all of these, have cyanide acid, which can have fatal effects on the body, if it is used regularly.

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