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Wholesale Almonds For Sale | California Almonds Direct Fresh from the Farm

wholesale almond, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts … are all available in Zarin Maghz Company at affordable prices.

Nature has always been a source of human needs. There are many plants and fruits that people eat to survive and to be healthy. Most of the edible things in nature have special benefits for the human body. Almond is one of those things that is unique in its way.

There are many useful things in almonds that every human body should have. It is full of minerals, protein, healthy fat, etc. Among different nuts in the world, Iran nuts especially almond, pistachio, walnut and peanut are very famous throughout the world.

Iran different kinds of nuts are famous for their delicious taste and organicness.

It is usually referred to almond as a kind of nuts. However, it is said it is more of a seed than a nut. In any case almonds are produced and consumed in the world and its business is very beneficial.

Best almonds to buy

wholesale almond

Mamra almonds are best almonds to buy. We offer you wholesale almond Mamra at reasonable price.

Mamra almond is native to Iran. It is organic and highly nutritional, that is why it has many fans all over the world. India is one of the big importers of Mamra almond kernels. They call it Mamra Badam. The kernels in India is called giri.

Each year large amount of Iran Mamra almond is exported to India. Iran Mamra almond is so known in India that some people there think it is a kind of Indian almond.

Even some traders sell Mamra almond of Iran under the name of Kashmiri Mamra Badam. However, It should be noted that Mamra almond just grow in Chaharnmahal and Bakhtiari province of Iran.

Almonds are available in different forms. There are almonds with shells, without shells, raw, roasted, powdered, sliced, etc. There are also other almond products like almond oil and almond butter. Almond itself and other related products are used both for cooking or for making medicines. All of these almond types have different prices. There are two kinds of almonds. Sweet almonds and bitter almonds.

Needless to say, sweet almond is used for everyday use of eating and cooking. And bitter almonds for making medicine.

mamra almond is the best kind of almond. But it is a bit expensive for people to buy. The most similar kind of almond to Mamra almond is Shahroodi almond. It is somehow cheaper than Mamra.

wholesale almond is available in our Collection. You can order any kind of almond at wholesale price to Zarin Maghz Company.

Almond has a Mediterranean origin. However, it is produced in many countries. The  United States produces the most almond in the market. Wholesale almond price in the USA is not more expensive than the one in Asia. Almond like other kinds of nuts are popular among people and it should be eaten daily to keep healthy.

Mamra almond kernels in Zarin Maghz export center

wholesale almond

You can find Mamra almond kernels in Zarin Maghz export center. we are a grower and supplier of Mamra almond in the country. We do our best to satisfy our customers.

Mamra almond is sweet, sweeter than other kinds of almonds, Make sure the almonds you buy are one hundred percent sweet.

We are specialist in the field of almond producing, sorting, packaging and exporting. Usually the customers and merchants working with us order a sample of the nut they want, if satisfied, the wholesale order is done.

We give you wholesale almond at competitive price.

Exporting Iran pistachio of high quality

Exporting Iran pistachio of high quality

Zarin Maghz Company is active in the field of exporting Iran pistachio of high quality. We are supplier and distributor of Iranian nuts. 

Buy wholesale almond and pistachios from our collection.

Do you know different kinds of Iran pistachio?

Akbari pistachio: It is called super long pistachio too. In comparison with other types of pistachios, it is the longest one. It is easy to open, however it has a darkest skin.

Kaleghochi pistachio: It is called Jumbo too. It is one of the best Iranian pistachios. This kind is thick and meaty and has longer size.

Ahmad Aghaie pistachio: It is called long size pistachio too. It is bigger and thicker than round pistachio. It is the most common pistachio and has a great taste.

Round pistachio: It is called hazelnut pistachio. It is smaller than other kinds of pistachios, that is why it is more economical to buy.

Walnuts at wholesale price

Walnut at wholesale price

Walnuts at wholesale price and wholesale almond are available in our company. We are supplier and distributor of walnut white kernels and high quality at an appropriate price.

Iran walnut is very organic and highly nutritional and so it is very well-known through out the world. Although many countries are producers of walnuts, Iran walnut is very unique in taste and quality.

Be in touch with Zarin Maghz Company for different kinds of Iranian nut supply.

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