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buy online mamra almonds in 2021

buy online mamra almonds from Zarin Maghz Company.  In Zarin Maghz Company you can find all kinds of Iranian nuts of high quality including:

different kinds of almonds, different kinds of pistachios, peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

What is the best grade and size of Mamra almonds?

buy online mamra almonds

Do you know what is the best grade and size of Mamra almonds? Mamra almond has 8 grades. Grade 5A is the best grade. The kernels have larger size and of high quality.

To buy online mamra almonds, our collection can help you. We offer you wholesale Mamra almond price.

Mamra almond is a kind of almond that is very special. It just grow in Iran. The fruit of this almond tree is very resistance to cold and pest. In its farming no chemical it is used. Among all kinds of almonds its kernels have the largest size.

It has a very delicious taste. mamra almond kernels is sweeter than other kinds of almonds. The color of the kernels are golden yellow.

The special feature about Mamra almond is that the kernels are in different forms and sizes. The percentage of twin kernels in that is very high. This is the indication of its naturalness.

The remarkable activities of Zarin Maghz Company are as follow:

Different almonds supply and distribution

Iranian nuts export to many countries in the world

Using the latest technology in the production, sorting, packaging and storage of Iranian nuts.

Direct communication with other producers

Supply of each product from the city of its production

For wholesale order of Mamra almond and other kinds of Iranian nuts contact our collection. We provide you high quality Iranian nuts at an appropriate price.

buy online mamra almonds in Asia

buy online mamra almonds

Buy online mamra almonds in Asia from our collection. Iran almonds have many demandants throughout the world. India is one of the big importers of Iran Mamra almond.

Sometimes in India, almonds of other kinds such as kashmiri almond or Afghani almond as Mamra. However it should be noted that they are not Mamra. Mamra almond uniquely grows in Iran not in any parts of the world.

Usually Mamra almond is exported in kernels. The usual procedure for export of almond is as follow:

the customer can order a sample at a wholesale price in order to be assure of the quality. When the customer satisfied with the product, wholesale order is done. After receiving the order, removing the almonds shell begins, then the kernels are exported.

The almond can be remain in its shell up to 8 years, but the kernels last up to 6 or 8 months.

buy online mamra almonds at an affordable price from Zarin Maghz Collection.

Due to the unparalleled welcome of people to buy this type of product, manufacturers offer this product in different ways in the market. The seller of first-class almonds prefer to export Mamra almond than selling it to domestic customers. Because in the domestic market the demand for Mamra almond is not very high. It is due to expensive price of Mamra almond.

The final price of almonds depends on several factors. This product is produced in high volume and in large quantities in the country. Hence, many manufacturers consider some of their products to be sent and exported to neighboring countries.

To buy online mamra almonds does not mean that it is a retail store. We are a wholesaler of Mamra almond. you can get the information about Mamra almond and other kinds of Iranian nuts from our websites. Then for ordering wholesale Mamra almond or other kinds of Iranian nuts, contact our collection.

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