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Almonds wholesale price| Buy high quality almond at wholesale

For almonds wholesale price consult with Zarin Maghz Company. We offer you affordable prices for Iranian nuts of high quality.

Almond wholesale price is various depending on many factors such as dried or fresh and also organic and common. Almond is a nut with many benefits for health. It is also perfect to be eaten after each meal, because it can keep you full for hours and prevent heartburn.

Almond can be grown in countries located in the middle east such as Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan,… and is native to them. Among these countries, Iran exports almonds to different countries including India and Arab countries around the Persian Gulf so there is an almond wholesale market in India and Arab countries. In the following, you will know more about this nut and its magic benefits.

Mamra almond in Zarin Maghz sale center

almonds wholesale price

Buy Mamra almond in Zarin Maghz sale center at almonds wholesale price.

There are different kinds of almonds growing in Iran including: Mamra amond, Shahroodi, rabi, Sangi, Paper skin, Moheb …

However, Mamra almond is a special kind of almond. It grows in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. It is the most organic kind of almond. Among different Iranian almonds, Mamra almond is a special export product. That is due to its unique features including:

being organic, sweet taste, larger kernels, higher nutritional value and more delicious than other kinds of almonds.

You may experience stomach burning. It can cause for many reasons. If you smoke, use alcohol, expect a baby, use caffeine and eat too much or you are in a stressful situation or you are obese, the food you eat may reflex from your stomach to esophagus. This reflex is called stomach burning or heartburn.

You have surely heard that “one apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Now know that 5 or 6 almonds after each meal you eat can prevent stomach burning. Nothing is better than eating Mamra almond, the most organic nut.

Almond is a low-acid nut, full of minerals, and is against heartburn. Minerals in almonds has include Calcium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium,  … can neutralize the acidic juices in your stomach and that is why almonds can help you with reflex.

Contact Zarin Maghz Company for Mamra almonds wholesale price. We are a grower and supplier of Mamra almond and different kinds of Iranian nuts:

Pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, raisins, figs and dried apricots.

Mamra almond health benefits

almonds wholesale price

Lets talk about Mamra almond health benefits.

Almond is a nut that contains healthy nutrition and has considerable amounts of fiber, protein, vitamin E,  Magnesium, and manganese.

Vitamin E  in almonds can decrease heart disease, is anti-cancer, and also lessen the probability of Alzheimer’s disease.

The brown cover or skin on the almond is an antioxidant. This property is against aging and prevents stress (which is oxidative) to hurt molecules in your cells.

Magnesium can help you with controlling your blood sugar and prevents type 2 diabetes. This mineral also benefits the level of blood pressure.High blood pressure may cause various problems. Problems such as heart attack and kidney failure. But almonds can help you with high blood pressure and decrease it to a lower level. Almond is also used to weight loss and fights with hunger.

Zarin Maghz Company offers you almonds wholesale price

the price of Mamra almond kernels

almonds wholesale price

The price of Mamra almond kernels changes are very high in the country. There are several important factors influential in price rising. The most important one is due to the economy inflation.

For Mamra almonds wholesale price, contact our collection. We offer you competitive prices.

The demands for Mamra almond is very high. It is exported to many countries in the world. India is one of the big importer of Mamra almond. Even the countries which themselves are great producers of almond like America, buy Iran Mamra almond. People there show great interest in Mamra almond, because they have tasted this almond and are aware of its quality, delicious taste and nutritional value.

High quality Iran pistachios in Zarin Maghz Company

almonds wholesale price

You can find high quality Iran pistachios in Zarin Maghz Company. Our company products is not just almond. We are exporter of different kinds of Iranian nuts.
Contact our collection for pistachios and almonds wholesale price. Iran pistachio is very famous around the world. Iran pistachio especially that of Rafsanjan city is really unique in the world. Delicious taste, large size kernels, being organic and high amount of open-mouth pistachios are among important features of Iran pistachios.
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