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    Mountain almond is the name of a green shrub with small leaves in the semi-arid climate of Iran. Almond is a mountain from the flower of Sarkhanian family. The average height of the plant is between 2.5-5 m and the diameter of the canopy is 2 to 2.5 m. Almond white flowers usually appear before the emergence of the leaves in early April. The seeds of this plant, which after oral (sweetening) consumption, are usually harvested from early June to the end of this month.Iran is the best wholesale raw almonds for sale .Each person's body needs enough fat to absorb fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamins A and E . Almonds help digestive function and reduce acidity and balance the body's PH level , which is vital for better digestion and immune system .  Nuts contain high levels of folic acid that prevent birth defects in the baby and cause the growth of cells and the formation of embryonic tissues. Regular use of almonds during pregnancy helps to protect the health of the mother and the baby.

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  • Wholesale Almonds Price | Cheapest Wholesale Prices 2019

    Almond, the scientific name of Prunus amygdalus, is one of the dark red rose plants belonging to two laps. Almonds are a native of the Western Asia, the South Coast of the Mediterranean and Morocco. This tree has a moderate size, its leaves are jagged, with flowers in the early spring. Its fruit is a tufted outer shaft that is called external. The rugged shell of almond core contains And its seed is a brain enclosed by these coatings.Geographical distribution : The plant belongs to the region of Irano-Turany, Turkey, Iran, Caucasus, Central Asia and you Africa. The typical Brigade of Mauritania in North Africa is its dispersal in the northwest and west of Iran.We have a variety of almonds all around the globe. wholesale almonds price : the Almonds price depends on its specification , for example we have two kinds of almond bitter almonds and sweet almonds , the bitter almond has its own price and sweat almond has its own. The size of almonds, with or without skin, is also a matter of determining the price of that moment. So, because we know the price of almonds, we need to contact major Almond dealers. 

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  • Roasted Almonds Price | Exclusive Exports of Almonds to India

     If you are using a variety of ingredients, you'll have bought and used the fried peanuts. The roasted almonds price can vary in quality . Peanut has a variety of varieties that make some of these gourmet foods raw and some of them cooked and fried . If you are using fried kind, you have been looking for ground roasted almonds price dishes . Different types of fried or peanut peanuts have many benefits to the body, especially for athletes and children . It is very beneficial to the body by energizing the body and increasing metabolism . roasted almonds price It can vary according to different weight weights and in different packages that have different designs . But usually those who like this delicious and energy-rich food will buy and use it in line with their income level, as this food can dramatically increase their energy and also bring them joy .

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